Want to stand out from the rest? You’re a creator on the inside, and we’re here to help you be the creator on the outside.
Look good feel great. ELEVATƎFITNƎZZ provides clothing that’s stylish, rugged and built to last.

Feeling down? Elevate! Life has its ups and it’s downs, we search for ways to increase positive thoughts and higher perspectives on life. With ELEVATƎFITNƎZZ GARMENTS, our logo represents your foundation your journey, and of course your time in life where your at the the top of your game BOLD, BEAUTIFUL & BEAST LIKE. Our garments will be with you throughout life’s journey. It’s about ELEVATING YOURSELF!

These garments are all about style, quality and comfort.
Starting out with stylish caps, we will be introducing more products to support your training methods.

Some of our garments use organic materials, looking at today’s fast pace lifestyles, these garments breathe and feel great on. Mainstream brands feel too generic. Be proud to be different – stand out from crowd!


We believe that our lives consist of reasons and meanings…the reason behind this logo is for all of us who want to make a difference to ourselves physically and mentally.
The meaning behind the logo, seeing as its set in a 3 stage pyramid, of course there’s a start there’s also a journey….and there’s also the top! The top of your game whether it comes to success at the gym, sport, job opportunities or goals that you’ve succeeded

Stage 1, this is the start to your journey, your foundation, we all know the foundation is key when going to the gym going slow making sure your technique is right. We also know foundations for building a house/home take time, effort and thought. This will set you up to begin.

Stage 2 is of course your journey though out this process, we both know that there will be ups and downs, challenges that we will face whether physically or mentally remember why you started and how far you’ve come, looking at how long it took to create that foundation, DON’T STOP NOW YOU’RE NOT DONE YET!

Stage 3 the top! You’ve made it! CONGRATULATIONS
At this stage you will be BOLD standing out from the REST, people looking and thinking why and how are you so happy… wanting what you’ve got, envious. Your mind filled with positive thoughts and positive outcomes because you decided it was time to take those 1st steps in creating your foundation. Don’t ever give up on your dreams and your desires, these are what keep us going. NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER!


I’ve always been passionate about feeling good and looking good at the same time. I believe that dressing the right way helped me change my mindset and outlook on life. I’m passionate about Fitness, well being and bringing a new style to active kiwis like you.